Alice Philips

Inteview by Nancy Walker 

Gallery ~

Alice’s excitement about her eco felting is palatable and I think I know why. It’s the perfect blend of her felting with a beautiful merino curly wool, her bold sense of design and her love of growing things. She is now growing the plants that she uses to dye, design and print her finely felted or silk and her designs are scrumptious! The beauty of dying this way is that it is completely non-toxic. When she is through with this process, she puts all the leftover plant material into her compost and the cycle continues.

Just walk into her studio and you’ll see her work areas are full of interesting leaves, fragrant eucalyptus and many others I can’t name. She cuts them into circles and squares and lines, adds twigs and buds and bits of wire to create a symphony of colors and striking earthy design. Some of her collected plants come from hot sunny places where “they produce beautiful reds and oranges, the plants that grow here in the north make greens and umbers”. Inspired by Japanese textile shaboui techniques and her bold sense of design, she creates an unusual mix of sharp detail with an overall organic flow. It’s magical, the process as much as the finished pieces. The colours are literally from the earth itself, deep reds, and greens and grays and each eco print is exquisite and that she makes this grand cycle is so compelling.

Her astonishing creations from inside her studio and from outside in her garden are simply a joy!

Small samples of possibilities, can you see the faint texture of the strong wrapped marks of the shaboui technique?Garden Beauty Endless ideas, possibilities and inspiration A piece in the making, carefully cut and placed leaves ready to be wrappedWooly felted wraps, they feel glorious on. That bundle of darks greens and browns at the bottom is from one dye bath