Amy Stewart

Interview by Nancy Walker

Amy in her studio

Gallery ~

The first thing I notice when I walk into Amy Stewart‘s shared studio is a wall of colours and emotions and ... the floor. The floor is happily be-speckled with a history of color-bites from paintings past. It may be odd to comment on an artist’s studio floor but like an artist’s messy desk or a table overflowing with half spent tubes of paint and ready brushes, it says a lot about how an artists works. It shouts, “Creativity and Playful Exploration”.

Amy’s newer work, where she has really hit her stride with her style, are visual landscapes of her emotions. They are a real discovering and reconciling of what is going on in her life but they also speak to the universal. She expresses huge commonly shared insights in the particular. Soft and strong colours which express an inner and outer life are evocative of wilderness landscapes. Images almost familiar, float around and in between a few perfectly placed very straight thin golden lines that ground and guide. Follow them and they lead you in, out and around pools and blooms of a variety of colours and textures.

Her abstract paintings are relatable and thoughtful. Whether you just look at them on the surface or dive deep into them, they are beautiful and peaceful.

Every time I look at her paintings, I see and feel something new

Swirls, pools and satellite-like views of our inner life

Busy desk and chair