Claudine Gévry

Inteview by Nancy Walker

Gallery ~ ~  (illustrations)

Claudine Gévry inspires. There are so many well placed visual delights in her home and studio and it is all calling me to take a closer look. She is a sculptor, a painter, a mobile maker and an illustrator of children’s books. She is so creative and interested in so many ideas that she has to segregate her week to be able to immerse herself in it all, and she does.

Her small studio is sectioned off into 3 to 4 areas, sculptures, painting and illustration and on a nice day she can work outside on her deck.

Because her illustration are very often figurative, she balances this by exploring the abstract in her paintings. Her haunting series of clouds really express the blue grey feeling of the west coast and her improvisations of her vivid ink paintings sensually speak to the ebb and flow of the unpredictability of life. They almost feel like they are moving.

Her illustrations are simply delightful in their imagination and whimsey. They are charming for any age.

Her sculptures and mobiles make me want to examine how she actually made them, what metals does she use, where does she find all these interesting materials? They are constructed with the integrity and cleverness of a clean strong and graphic sensibility. Her boundless interests, innovations and ideas all converge in her work with a strong sense of a love of shape and form, an open wonder and an intelligent whimsey.