Holly Elementary Mural by Gary Nay

Holly Elementary Mural by Gary Nay (my first) 40 x 18 feet. A student inspired East Ladner vignette with nature, farming, and community as central themes.

1 gallon of black lines
15 hours of planning
22 quarts Dulux Diamond latex paint
25 paint brushes
130 hours of painting

Summer on a ladder - Priceless!

Holly Elementary Mural by Gary Nay

Holly Elementary Mural by Gary Nay

Artist Olga Campbell wins 2 awards for her recent book - A Whisper Across Time

Congratulations to one of our Artists, Olga Campbell who just won 2 awards for her book A Whisper Across Time!

Awards for the Book in 2019

Whisper Across Time won the da Vinci Eye for the current Eric Hoffer Award season. The da Vinci Eye is given in honor of the Leonardo da Vinci and awarded to superior book covers artwork each year. This is a special distinction beneath the Eric Hoffer Award umbrella. The book is still being considered for category, press, and grand prizes.

Whisper Across Time also won the Ippy Award for independent self-published authors. Olga’s book was selected for one of the 2019 Independent Publisher Book Awards in their Outstanding Books of the Year under the Freedom Fighter category. Olga said she plans on attending the May 28 gala event in New York.

"A Whisper Across Time" is available now.

This is the story of one family’s experiences in the Holocaust.

"A Whisper Across Time" tells a very personal story through prose, art and poetry, creating a multi-dimensional

snapshot of family losses and intergenerational trauma.

The art and poetry reflect the theme of sorrow and sadness created by this dark period of history,

but it also talks about the survival of the human spirit and of hope.

In October 2016 I felt compelled to write my family’s story of the Holocaust.

Everyone in my mother’s family was killed but she could never find out the details of their deaths.

I had a very strong feeling that my family was tugging at me to write their story. I wrote it to give them a voice and identity.

This is also a cautionary tale asking the reader to look at what is happening in the world today.

Part memoir, part art and part poetry, "A Whisper Across Time" will make you stop, feel and reflect.

Purchase information for "A Whisper Across Time" is available here. Download the press release.


Olga Campbell’s poignant tribute to family murdered in the Shoah is a personal triumph.

With words and art she has created an emotional response to a psychologically wounded mother

and her inadvertent legacy of trauma. Her enormous artistic talent and insights provide not only

a measure of healing but also of faithfulness to memory - the lives unlived are not forgotten.

This is a precious contribution to the literature of the Holocaust and to resolving the consequences

of catastrophic trauma.

Dr. Robert Krell

Founding President

Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre

"A Whisper Across Time” is a profoundly moving experience. It is a healing ritual, a Shamanic

Soul retrieval, a celebration of life, and a gift of gratitude to the family Olga Campbell never

really knew. She reminds us that it is never too late to heal the sorrows of the past or to protect

the future from the dangers of forgetting.

Ann Mortifee

Performing artist, writer for theatre, ballet and films

Order of Canada recipient

Blog post  A Whisper Across Time: My Family’s Story of the Holocaust Told Through Art and Poetry, by Olga Campbell

LIGHT WITHIN THE SHADOWS; a Painter’s Memoir-by Pnina Granirer



by Artist and writer

Pnina Granirer

available to purchase

on her website

or https://www.pninagranirer.com/shop/

In this compelling memoir Granirer shares her successes and failures, addressing issues of dislocation, ‘otherness,’ and the uprooted soul’s wish for permanency and belonging. Beautifully written, told with wry optimism, humour and appreciation for life, Light Within the Shadows gives an inside view of how art is forged in the soul and released into the world.

This lively and moving artist’s memoir unfolds through Romania, Israel, the US, Montreal and Vancouver. It describes her experiences with wars and upheavals and challenging political social and cultural situations. Her works are found in numerous private and public collections in Canada, the US, Spain, Chile and Israel.

PNINA GRANIRER; Portrait of an Artistby Ted Lindberg (Ronsdale Press) was published in 1998 during her 40 years Retrospective Exhibition at the Richmond Art Gallery.