Artist Pnina Granirer, "Artists in Our Midst - A History" May 3, 2019 at Brock House copy.jpg

Artist Pnina Granirer will be presenting- "Artists in Our Midst - A History" on May 3, 2019 from 10 -11:30 am @ Brock House,  3875 Point Grey Rd, Vancouver, BC, (604) 224-3317

Pnina Granirer will take you through the history of this event which made people in the community aware that there were, indeed, artists who lived and worked in their midst, thus opening the door to the pleasures of art and the direct contact with the artists. 

Could anyone living in Vancouver now imagine our city with no Art Walks or no artists offering visual feasts year after year, by opening their studios to public? This was the case 26 years ago; but all that changed with the very first annual Open Studio Walk initiated in West Point Grey by Artists in our Midst. Other artists have enthusiastically embraced this idea and Vancouver has never been the same. 

In the late fall of 1993, Anne Adams and Pnina Granirer, two longstanding artist friends and neighbours, met for a cup of coffee. While discussing their yearly personal Open Studios Anne suggested to join up, share the mailing lists and minimize their expenses. This suggestion was the spark that lit the fuse in Pnina’s mind and a new idea occurred to her.  Having spent the year before in Paris and having seen the great ‘Génie de la Bastille’Open Studios event in the City of Light, she thought that they might try a similar event here, in Vancouver. Thus was born the yearly event of the Artists in our Midst Open Studios.