Judy Osburn

Inteview by Nancy Walker


Judy Osburn possesses a creative understanding of the wondrous and fantastic folk art of the Alebrijes sculptures of Oaxaca, Mexico and of her own sensibilities. It’s the blurring of boundaries, the imagining and creating of other realities, the blending images and being open to the emotional rather than linear sense of understanding the world. Her musing with the power of nature and her own history infuses her clay work. Lately she has been making simple bird-like masks with beautiful Arbutus wood antler-like appendages. The mixing of these 2 mediums is compelling. They are infused with a strong yet sensitive presence and speak of communion and visitations from our wild sisters with wings. They seem to look back at you as if they know.  

Her expressive and whimsical small animal finials top her garden marker posts and function as visual guides and storytelling. There are swimming fish and blissfully flying birds, roosters crowing their hearts out and they all sing in their own way. Judy creates the most wonderful inviting worlds that draw us in.

She fires her work at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in their large gas kiln (cone 10). This high firing gives her pieces a beautiful deep earthy tone from the simple oxides she paints on them.