Linda Jane Schmid 

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Linda Jane shares a grand studio space with 6 other artists on Railspur Alley on Granville Island. She fills her small space with immense ideas and creativity. There is so much to see but my eyes land on her series of mixed media stringed instruments on her wall.

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They are created from driftwood plywood pieces worn down by the sea and weather, driftwood branches and found objects. This series began on Hornby Island where she lived for 10 years mostly painting the sky, water and the land until she was invited to group show at the Blues Festival where she was inspired by a line from a poem by Wallace Stevens, ‘Things as they are Are changed upon the blue guitar.' That was in 2002 and Linda Jane is still engaged with her Blue Guitar and Primitive Fiddle journey. These pieces stir the imagination with their enlivening colour and shapes and assemblages of found objects thoughtfully and intuitively placed. Each piece draws you in to ponder.

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Linda Jane’s oil and acrylic paintings reflect hours of observing the elements. Day and night sky, water and landforms call her to attempt to grasp the profound wonder and vastness of our earth. On Hornby Island she was known as the sky lady. Hornby Island is where she really grew as an artist, connecting with the community, sharing ideas, and having a show of her work there every year.

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I was especially taken with her vortex-like brightly coloured nests floating in a vast starry night sky. These images are familiar and abstract at the same time.

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She visited Paris last year and you know what this can do to an artist ... She is full of the colours, the architecture and the Seine river that so powerfully runs through this beautiful city. She is imagining a show of paintings of Paris, mixed media stringed instruments painted with the colours of Paris and adorned with flea market treasures she found there, and little booklets of leaf prints on paper made from leaves, lace and paper from Paris. And yes, she eco-prints as well.

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Studio - 1359 Cartwright St. - Rear entrance

accessible via Railspur Alley in Granville Island