Lynn Copeland

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Lynn has a very compelling show up at the Aphrodite restaurant on 4th and Dunbar until February 27th. It holds its own on the walls of this bustling restaurant.

Lynn first discovered photography when she was 9 years old and her father loaned her his camera, for a school trip to Centre Island, a little island off of Toronto. Her skill has greatly improved over the years of course but she is increasingly interested in photographing people, not so much formal portraiture but people engaged in their work, street scenes and informal spontaneous encounters.

She is aware of what an intrusion of someone’s space photographing can be so she is very respectful of the people she images.

Now that she is retired she can dive into her photography at a deeper level developing her skills by taking a few photography classes at LangaraCollege and she travels with her camera on more photography trips these days. Her Cuba trip with a photography group yielded a treasure trove of imagery; architecture with those beautifully colours dwellings, people on the street, she captures their constant movement with an abstract colourful blur.

There is a stillness to her work as well, a contained calm that can be taken in by the viewer.

Lynn frequently travels up to northern BC, solo or with a group. She is drawn to the vast land and hardy people of this land that is so friendly and foreboding, and to the ocean waves and into the tiny worlds of a tide pool. This little jellyfish looks like a flower.

With her Nikon D750 she takes all of her images in colour but some images compel her to transform them into B&W to eliminate the distraction colour can sometimes create. An experienced photographer, as she is, can assess this distinction.

Lynn Copeland_6.jpg

Do you have any favourite things to photograph, I ask. No, she says, I’m always ready and open to see anything that strikes my eye. She photographs in the moment.