Monika Sanft

Interview by Nancy Walker

Gallery ~

Monika Sanft’s photography is full of Tuscany flavour and old work disciplines. Her luscious still life images of Tuscan pears and apples have a painterly quality about them and her distant view photographs of beautiful rows of old cities lining the banks of the Arno River have been carefully worked to feel like hand tinted images. These images tell a story as they drawn us in. They are calm and intriguing, and invite you to venture in way beyond the surface.

Monika is a traveler, Tuscany and all of Europe being a favourite place. It’s obvious she has a deep connection to the land, the art and history and this is an essential ingredient in her images. She connects to her images so we can too.

Her latest works are mixed media collages that contain images of old paintings and an eclectic assortment of old Italian art imagery and flora. After thoughtfully arranging the parts she begins the many stepped process of applying layers of glazes, gold or bronze leaf, and found objects. All of her works are visual stories.