Olga Campbell

Interview by Nancy Walker

Gallery ~ olgacampbell.com

I am already engaged with Olga Campbell’s work as I walk up to her front door. The pathway and steps up are full of her creative work. After a warm greeting, We walk back to her kitchen area but it’s hard to follow her because I am so caught up in her work, it’s everywhere and it’s calling me to stop and look. Each is telling a story. Olga does digital photo collage, mixed media painting, and sculpture. She takes her digital photographs and layers and draws and layers some more following her intuition to create an image. “I tend not to have an idea, the process leads me somewhere.” She even uses images of her own sculptural and photographs to layer. The final images are very painterly with her intelligent blending of figurative, urban, natural images and her thoughtful manipulation colour and design. They have a peaceful, accessible quality about them yet the are very strong, out-loud and confident images. My eye flows all around these images looking for the lines of narrative I know are there.

We sit with tea at her kitchen table and she tells me about her new book she has been working on. It is an insightful, emotional and poignant tribute to her family members that were murdered in the Holocaust. Olga felt compelled to create this book. “A Whisper Across Time” is a compassionate and healing story crafted with words and digital photography. This beautiful and important book will launch at the Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery along with her solo show on November 15th. https://www.jccgv.com/content/jcc-cultural-arts

Digital photo image - multi layered imageryHer images communicate on a non-linear levelAnother mind bending compelling image A preview image of the cover of her new book