Elahe Nour Bakhsh - Featured Artist for September 2011

Malesian Girl, 29" x 37"

Which artistic media do you prefer to work in and why?

 I like to work with oil, I can mix colors as long as I need and achieve more textures. I like to work with acrylics as well, where I have more chance to change the colours in my painting.

With which past or contemporary artists or artworks do you, as an artist, feel a connection? What is it that draws you to them?

Vincent  Van Gogh, Modigliani: they are so expressive. I love the colours and texture of Van Gogh paintings; I like how Modigliani morphs shapes.

What process or technique in art-making interests you?

Being creative during painting colours and lines helps me to paint in a more abstract way.

What technical challenges do you face in the process of making art?

When I paint with oil, I can not change my painting how I want. When I paint plein air, I have to be careful to make the right choices right away, because I can not make major changes in one session.

What in your artistic training do you value most at this time?

What I value the most in my artistic training is that I learned to be creative & expressive, to show my feelings through my painting.

How much of a role do accident and control play in your work?

The role of accident is like a sparkle to fire creativity. It should be controlled of course, but it is exciting to use it properly.

What are some of your artistic challenges at present?

One of my challenges is Nature; it is completely different from Nature in my home country. With figures from various countries, first, I have to understand their personality and then I can paint them.  

What are some of your artistic accomplishments at present?

My accomplishments are in three categories: collages, figures & landscapes.

Can you share three things you’ve learned as an artist through your own art?

I think that being influenced by nature, I mean really feel it and being part of it. Do not repeat your painting, but be creative  each time  when you work. Use different colures depending on your mood.

When you need inspiration, how to do you get it?

Nature and Colours are my inspiration.

When you need to learn more as an artist, how do you do it?

By seeing important arts, by going to galleries and museums.

What is exciting on your artistic horizon?


What is it about this artwork (Malesian Girl) that led you to choose it for this feature? What specific challenges did you face in making this artwork?

I connected with the expression of this model, and I think I show myself through the painting.