Yolanda Bienz

Interview by Nancy Walker

Gallery ~ yolanda.bienz@gmail.com

Yolanda Bienz is an emerging Canadian artist who is inspired by the Dadaism art movement with its roots in her home country Switzerland, the thoughts of Surrealists, indigenous traditions, nature and life as experienced and observed.  She is a Jericho Park Steward and engages with several organizations concerned with environmental justice and the rights of Indigenous People.

All those inspirations and experiences are infused into her powerful vertical paintings and charcoal drawings.

Yolanda’s works begin by allowing her hand to randomly roam across the paper, free from rational and deliberate control. Then, exploring into the unknown, she follows the path into the forest of her ideas where imagined earthly images of animals, trees and figures begin to be revealed. The more one looks into her bold charcoal drawings and colourfully vivid paintings, the more there is to see. There are connections and interactions hidden in a simple first look that become an on-going exploration into a whole world as we are drawn in.

She is stimulated by the works of Alberto Giacometti, Frida Kahlo, Paul Klee and Jean-Paul Riopelle.

She is just finishing her Emily Carr Fine Arts certificate program and in 2017 she had her first solo show at the 3rd Eye Gallery and a group show at Studio Seven One Three.

Her most recent works are acrylic paintings and charcoal/gesso drawings on paper which emerged as an expression of respect and trust and were accompanied by the words of Leonard Cohen.